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ENZO代表 田畑了 (ガーデンクリエイター、造園家)GARDEN WORKS 園三ENZO代表。


2005GARDEN WORKS 園三 設立。


恩師、曽和治好氏と共にスーツケースに入れて何処にでも持って行ける庭「ディスクトップガーデン」を展開。2011からMilano Fuori Saloneに出展。2013年京都デザイン賞にて京都府知事賞を受賞。


京都造形芸術大学 非常勤講師。

名城大学 非常勤講師。



ENZO / Satoru Tabata (Garden Creator, Landscape Architect). Representative of GARDEN WORKS ENZO.

Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1975.

Finished Landscape Design Course, Advanced Course, Kyoto College of Art.

Established GARDEN WORKS ENZO in 2005.

Has collaborated with many architects mainly in housing field. Has worked on the design and creation of gardens.

Started to exhibit his works in Milano Fuori Salone from 2011. Together with his former teacher, Hal Sowa, developed “Desktop Garden”, portable garden that can be carried to anywhere in a suitcase. Received The Govenor of Kyoto Award, Kyoto Design Awards in 2013.

Docent of Kyoto University of Art and Dsign.

Docent of Meijo University.