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ローレント・フォート Laurent Fort

Information / Message

From audiovisual school to sound engineering. The multifaceted experiences and ranks in different areas inspire me to create a distinctive and personal style. My works express an unusual balance between nature and artifice. I focus my work on new perceptions of the light by introducing Biophilia, Light and Motion. Wellness and contemplation, emotions and sensations are my main goals to create unique pieces of light to be connected with nature and yourself. A reflection of light is projected on the wall by an LED Light source of 1 Watt. Different kind of reflective materials are used to produce a multitude and incredible game of suggestive reflections that animate the space. The kinetic motion plays a fundamental role in my works, transforming a static image into an organic life growing. Air circulation, water, levitation in perpetual movement and vibrations are some of the Biophilic components to obtain natural events. Coupling light and natural motion, it becomes a potent tools to affect peoples’ psychosomatic states.

Video of Polaris :