AWAYA + Kikoh Matsuura

あわ屋 + Kikoh Matsuura
[ Japan ]


AWAYA [Japan]

A sound art unit by Masatomo Fukushima and Yumiko Okuno.
Inspired by the sounds they hear in their daily lives in Kumano, they create ""sound artworks"" which, through their unique sound world, express the mysteries of the universe and the wonders hidden in everyday life. Their works include music production, live performances, and installation exhibitions.

Kikoh Matsuura [Japan]

Matsuura uses art, music, and science to express matters beyond human perception in logical or abstract terms and discover new things about the world.


Vanishing Bias

Life originates with the acquisition of a membrane, separating the inside from the outside. But if we look at the membrane on a molecular level, we can see that the separation between inside and outside is very ambiguous.
When we perceive the world, looking and listening to it, there is always the bias of "I".
What if we could feel a new world that is completely free from this subjectivity?
For instance, what if you could see a tiny world enlarged to a much larger size, or an ephemeral sound stretched out to a much longer time? The world that you are used to seeing and hearing would feel completely different.
We hope that our work will help you understand that everything is a miracle just for being there.


AWAYA + Kikoh Matsuura
Kikoh Matsuura