Ono Yumiko

[ Japan ]


Ono Yumiko [Japan]

Born in Kobe, Japan. Ono completed her BA in oil painting at Kyoto Seika University (Japan). After her BA, Ono studied in Hungary, Czech Republic, Israel and Russia and completed an MA in intermedia at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (Czech Republic) and a second MA honors in ceramics in Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Arts and Design (Russia), all of which were funded by the governments of their respective country, as well as the Ministry of Culture of Japan.

Additionally, Ono has participated in residency programs worldwide, such as the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (USA), MASS MoCA (USA), ISCP (USA), the Franconia Sculpture Park Fellowship Residency (USA), the Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan), Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Japan), the Tsu City Hisai Ars Plaza (Japan), the C.A.P. Clay Studio (Japan), Paradise AIR (Japan), the Gyeonggi Creation Center (South Korea), the St. Petersburg Art Residency (Russia), the Meet Factory (Czech Republic) and At Home Gallery Residency (Slovakia).

She has participated in the following exhibitions : solo show “Epitomes” at MoCA Taipei (Taiwan), solo show “Organic Matter” at Diem Phung Thi Museum (Vietnam), group show “Domani” at The National Art Center in Tokyo (Japan), solo show “Utopia” at Slag Gallery (USA), solo show “Reproduction of Hisai roof tiles and its transformation into art” at Tsu City Hisai Ars Plaza (Tsu), as well as a number of international art festivals and symposiums such as Art Gate Ogikubo (Japan), Taehwa River Eco Art Festival (South Korea), International Creative Laboratory Bashnya (Russia), International Art Symposium Elements Cuisine (Slovakia) Kyoto Sento Art Festival (Japan). Her work is in both public and private collections such as the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (USA), Kohler Co (USA), the Yelabuga State Historical Architectural and Art Museum Preservation (Russia) and the Imperial Porcelain Factory (Russia).

My recent work focuses on the theme of utopia, an ideal imaginary world. My major mediums are drawing and slip cast porcelain, and in both practices I focus on the tracing of the surface. By using these techniques, I attempt to create substance (the work), with superficiality (the surface), and to express the fragility and fictionality of utopia. For BIWAKO Biennale 2022, in reference to the location (Lake Biwa) as well as this year’s theme “Origin”, I would like to create a piece with swaying fire and water tides.