saiho + Sayuri Hayashi Egnell

saiho + 林 イグネル小百合
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saiho [Japan/USA]

Lives and works in the United States. Landscape architect and flower arrangement instructor of the Hofu Enzu school of flower arrangement. She has been interested in the relationship between people and nature since childhood, and is currently a member of the landscape design firm office ma, in San Francisco. Her recent works include the Dubai Expo 2020, Google Campus - Mass Timber, and japanese projects such as DNP's Ichigaya Forest and Hokkaido Nippon Ham Ball Park. Her artworks are mainly flower and nature-themed, for instance her piece "Beyond the Ocean" exhibited at BIWAKO Biennale 2020 and "To Mothers" presented at Local Love Art Festival in Oakland.

Sayuri Hayashi Egnell [Japan/Swedish]

Musician and artist based in Stockholm, Sweden.
In 2014, she was selected by Ryuichi Sakamoto to receive the Gold Prize in the ""International Sound Competition for Urban Space"". In the same year, she composed a piece for the Nobel Peace Prize in an exhibition organized by the Nobel Museum. She has been involved in a wide range of creative activities in Stockholm, including video production, installation, commercial and film soundtrack, sound art, and performance art production.
Major works include performance art ""mori"" (2016), mirror and sound art exhibition ""Minnen"" (2017), installation art ""Beyond the Ocean"" (2020), film music ""Moekare is Orange"" (2022), and ""Aoba's Table"" (2021).


saiho + Sayuri Hayashi Egnell
Sayuri Hayashi Egnell