• 1.Collecting Personal Information

    Related parties will be informed ahead of time of the use and purpose of use of their personal information. Such information will only be used to the needed extent for the fulfillment of a specific purpose and only after permission has been received from the related party.

  • 2.Use and Provision of Personal Information

    Personal information will not be used beyond the extent needed for its primary purpose, except in the case where permission for such use has been obtained from the related party, the case where personal information has been processed and cannot be distinguished or specified on an individual basis, or the case where laws and regulations require its provision. Also, personal information will not be provided to a third party without the related party’s permission, except in cases where such provision is required by law.

  • 3.Proper Supervision of Personal Information

    The organizer will maintain all gathered personal information in its most up-to-date and accurate form, and it will strive to prevent the disclosure of, loss of, destruction of, falsification of , or unauthorized access to all personal information.

  • 4.Entrusting Personal Information to a Third Party

    In the case that duties, which include the use of personal information, are entrusted to a third party, that entrustment will be conducted with a firm obligation charged to the third party for strict control of said personal information.

  • 5.Verification and Revision of Personal Information

    When the disclosure of personal information is requested by the related party, that request will be dealt with upon the prompt verification of said information’s content. In the case that a revision of the information has been requested because it does not match factual circumstances, the situation will be investigated and responded to in a proper manner.

  • 6.Adherence to Lawsand Improvements in the System for Protecting Personal Information

    While adhering to Japanese laws and other relevant criteria, the organizer will continuously improve on the system for protecting personal information and see to the proper revision of the above mentioned points wherever necessary.


The organizer will utilize personal information to the necessary extent in the handling of information and response to inquiries concerning BIWAKO BIENNALE.