VENUES 展示会場紹介

The Omihachiman area includes the Omihachiman Old Town and Okishima.

Omihachiman Old Town

Omihachiman is a town on the southeast shore of Lake Biwa. The main stage of the area is the Old Town of Omihachiman, where Omi merchants first developed and prospered. Hachimanbori (the Hachiman moat), built in 1585 for the Hachiman’yama Castle by Toyotomi Hideji, is a true symbol of Omihachiman. Water transportation was an important factor of the castle town’s prosperity, which still appears in the elegance of its streets, and the town's scenery is a joy to behold in each of the four seasons.


Okishima is located about 1.5 km off the shore of Lake Biwa. This small island, which takes about two hours to visit on foot, is one of the few inhabited lake islands in the world. Okishima has a rich and long history. When the Okitsushima Shrine was built, it was still an uninhabited island of Gods, worshiped for navigators protection on Lake Biwa. To this day, the fishing industry is still thriving and the rich nature of Lake Biwa remains. Visitors will be able to enjoy the relaxed pace of life on this island.
●There are only two public restrooms on Okishima: at Okishima Port and at the Okishima Elementary School Gymnasium.

The Hikone area includes the Hikone Castle Surrounding and Toriimoto.

Hikone Castle Surrounding

Hikone cannot be mentioned without the Hikone castle. It used to be ruled by the Ii clan, and traces of them can be found here and there in the castle. The castle town, which prospered under this wealthy clan, is also home to cultural facilities such as a feudal lord's garden and a museum. BIWAKO BIENNALE artists will exhibit their work in historical buildings of the castle town. As they tour the venues, visitors can reflect on the evolution of everyday life, from past to present days.


Toriimoto is located in an area where nature is rich, and it prospered as a post town of the former Nakasendo Highway. When the Nakasendo post towns were established in the Edo period (1603-1867), villages at the foot of Mt. Sawa relocated along the highway, and Toriimoto was developed. Walking through the town, one can vividly imagine the scenery of those days when inns and merchant houses thrived, catering to travelers. The Arikawa House (Arikawa Pharmacy) near the northern edge of the town, well known for its stomach medicine "Akadama Shinkyomaru" is a 2022 highlight venue.