BIWAKO BIENNALE 2016 –Eternal Dream-

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016 – Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016 (Closed on Thursdays)
Venues – 10 places in the old town area of Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture (plan)

Eternal dream Countless stars sparkling in the night sky
One among them is my star
A life I live on Earth describes a trajectory up to the star
Intertwining with other trajectories in space
And reflecting an image on Earth

What did Gaia, Mother Earth, dream when she created humanity?
Where is the destination of each of our eternal dreams we are still chasing?
BIWAKO BIENNALE in this time will take you on a journey to trace the paths of dreaming stars floating in space.
Now, a magnificent spectacle “Eternal Dream” of artists will begin…

【Overview】 Established in 2001, “BIWAKO BIENNALE” is celebrating its 7th edition in 2016.
The exhibition will be presented at more than ten venues, most of which are buildings from the Edo period (17 – 19th century), including “Tenlaikyu” (an over 180-year-old former wholesale tatami-mat store built along the Hachiman-bori canal), in which BIWAKO BIENNALE has been based since 2004. By moving from one venue from to another, visitors will be able to appreciate works of art while taking a scenic walk in the town of Omihachiman.
All the venues are within a 3 – 5 minute walk from each other. The observation lodge at the top of Hachiman Mountain, one of the venues, is accessible by a 4-minute ride on an aerial tramway, and Murakumo Gosho Zuiryuji Temple, another venue, is located a 5-minute walk from there. Other venues are also perfectly located for visitors to have a pleasant walk.

The theme of the 7th BIWAKO BIENNALE is “Eternal Dream-.” More than 70 artists and art units from Japan and around the world will gather in the town of Omihachiman to highlight the beauty and transience of the fall over a period of two months.
Animated by works of the contemporary artists, the long-abandoned buildings from the Edo period will enchant audiences all through the festival. In harmony with the exhibits these aged houses will regain their dignity, adding spice to the streets of Omihachiman, which are still filled with the traditional atmosphere of the Edo period.

【Summary】 The art festival, BIWAKO BIENNALE, is conducted by General Director Yoko Nakata with approximately 70 artists and art units from home and abroad in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Artworks are exhibited in abandoned traditional Japanese houses, which are repaired and cleaned in collaboration with residents of Omihachiman City, and opened to public.

【Highlights of BIWAKO BIENNALE 2016】 * Contemporary artworks of about 70 artists from home and abroad are exhibited at one time.
* Famous artists such as Hiroko Koshino and Motoi Yamamoto are also participating.
* Visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll while moving from venue to venue located in the old town area of Omihachiman City.
* Night tours will be conducted several times during the festival period. Artworks take on a different look at night.
* Various workshops and events for kids are conducted by artists during the summer vacation period.
* Various performances such as singing, piano and contemporary dance will also be offered during the festival period.