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アリスカ・ラフセン+ユスティナ・トゥハ Aliska Lahusen + Justyna Tuha

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Space has always been swept by cosmic winds that carry us, rock us, train usand lighten us. Indefinitely, carried by a nostalgia for the origins, we despera-tely tend to join this universal harmony by letting ourselves be taken by thesepermanent flows which, slowly, carefully, lead us into a reassuring dance of life.At the edge of the lake, in the reeds, the resting chalice reveal the passage.
.....Henri Skrobeck.....

Three wooden “Boats” of approximately 170cm x 45 x 20cm format, includingtwo laminated sheets of gold leaf and platinum leaf and the other traditionallylacquered in black lacquer. The set installed on an original monotype* (ink onpaper) in 300 x 400 cm format.


《 Aliska Lahusen 》
She received her degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1972. Between 1975and 1979 she studied at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux- Arts in Geneva and also art and archaeologyat the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in the years 1977-1979.In 1980 she studied at the Ecole Su-périeure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

…Aliska Lahusen, a Polish artist living and working in Paris, creates paintings and sculptureswhich aim at equilibrium between emptiness filled with tensions and cavities suggesting move-ments. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics and lacquering methods, Aliska Lahusen nevertheless tri-als our perception of traditional materials. She also crosses boundaries between painting andsculpture, which inevitably reveal their primal inspiration: Japanese woodcuts and ceramics. De-licacy and endurance co-habit her pieces side by side, suggesting perhaps that time and its sus-pension are one and that everything will linger, just as everything will eventually disappear. Or isit vanishing right now... in its temporal actuality?… As we contemplate the lustre qualities of the glaze and the richness of the colours in Lahusen’sworks, we also discover an intense depth in these otherwise flat surfaces…. D. Mackiewicz, 2018

《 Justyna Tuha 》
Justyna Tuha graduated in painting and graphic design atthe Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (Poland). Since 1986
she has lived and worked in Germany as an independentartist on projects in the field of art and culture..

Justyna Tuha defines her artistic expressions with abstract arts.She uses monotypy to achieve sensuality of her artistic works.In monotyping, randomness steered with multilayers introducesus to not fully defined spaces of matrixes, rhythms and registra-tions. discipline of the form decoded by a spontaneous gestureand color as an optical amplifier are the elements of the artisticlanguage, which encourage the viewer to new reflections on ourvisual habits.